When we see a cheap hard drive in some online store, whether it’s eBay, Aliexpress or any other, there’s usually a leprechaun of suspicion behind the ear, a good leprechaun who is warning us that something is not right.

Hard drives of well-known brands, specialized in the subject, have a price that is decreasing year after year, but it will take a long time to reach offers of the 2TB type for 30 dollars and other similar ones that are found from time to time.

Now the issue is starting to gain visibility after some complaints on Reddit, where they show the image above, a cheap hard drive opened to show that there is a pendrive inside, although there may also be several connected between them.

This has several problems, started by the fact that a pendrive is not a hard drive, but let’s list just a couple:

  • If we put 3 pendrives connected, of 16 gigs each, for example, we will have 48 gigs, yes, but it will be impossible to save a file of more than 16 gigs on that “hard disk”. That’s something that triggered the alarm of some users that comment the publication of reddit: “now I explain why the game told me that the hard disk didn’t have enough space”.
  • A pendrive is more susceptible to data loss, it breaks down more easily than a hard disk.

As you see in the video below, it is possible to identify the problem using software, without opening the disk. In this video, an 8GB external hard drive was purchased from Wish, or rather, a Storage Unit.

Actually you have to pay attention to what you are buying. If it says “Storage Drive” is one thing, if it says “Solid State Drive” or “Storage Drive”, it can be another.


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