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Google’s childish failure and its fall yesterday

TechnologyGoogle's childish failure and its fall yesterday

Yesterday we dropped the world, at least the online one. We are not aware of our Googledependence until it stops working and we are also not aware of how much and how well it works until it doesn’t.

And what happened for the Internet giant to fall like that? Was it the Russian hackers? Maybe a fire in their data center? An earthquake in California?

Luckily Google takes all these things into account so that no attack or weather phenomenon leaves them without service, but many times the problems don’t come from outside but from within, even with childish errors. This is what happened according to the company.

“Today, at 3:47 AM (Pacific Time), Google experienced an interruption in the authentication system for approximately 45 minutes due to an internal storage quota problem. Services that require users to log in experienced high error rates during this period. The authentication system problem was resolved at 4:32 AM Pacific Time. All services are running again. We apologize to all those affected. We will be conducting a thorough follow-up to ensure that this problem is not repeated in the future”.

In short, that their hard drive was full (at least the one related to the “login”), the typical thing that can happen to anyone but it is strange that it happens to them. That explains why Youtube was available through a private window. Anyway, administering a system as huge and interconnected as yours can lead to small failures that throw everything away. And that’s what happened yesterday.


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