Another chance and maybe the last one, who knows. With the celebration of Sega’s 60th anniversary, the company decided to publish a series of classic games on Steam. All of them are inspired by their most mythical licenses and now they are again completely free for everyone.

Among them we find Armor of Heroes, a shooting title that has a zenithal perspective, PvP mode and even local cooperative for four people. Relic Entertainment has been in charge of its development, as has Amplitude, which has directed Endless Zone. This one proposes a mix between Fantasy Zone and science fiction, serving a fantastic shoot’ em up.

Streets of Kamurocho is another bet on the grid, as it is a beat’ em up starring Majima and Miryu, characters from the Yakuza saga. Finally, there is Golden Axed, an unfinished version of the cancelled Golden Axe: Reborn. A real candy for the veterans. All games will be available for a limited time once again, for 48 hours. The deadline is December 16th.

Of course Sega is living a good moment in its 60th anniversary. Recently the sales numbers of some of its most famous franchises, such as Yakuza or Persona, were published. In addition, it has also been revealed that Sonic will have his own animation series for Netflix. The company’s health is currently in good shape.


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