Last Thursday, December 17th, Christmas started at Epic Games Store, as the company announced that from that day on, and for the next 15 consecutive days, it would be giving away one free game every 24 hours. They would only be available to claim in their store until 17:00 of the next one, so they had to be very attentive.

The first day, 17, Epic unveiled its first free game: Cities Skylines was the title in charge of opening the free downloads ban, but only 24 hours as we said. The next one that was released as free in the Epic Games store was Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, which arrived the day before yesterday and yesterday the offer ended.

Yesterday, Saturday, it changed again, revealing that the free game of December 19th is The Long Dark. It is an experience of exploration and survival that challenges players to think for themselves in cold and wild territories after the consequences of a geomagnetic disaster.

This game is a little different from the survival games that perhaps more than one person has in mind. In The Long Dark there are no zombies that get in your way, there will only be you, the cold and all kind of threat that mother nature can put in front of you to make you succeed in the game.

Remember that this will only be for 24 hours, that is, today Sunday – December 20th – the game will change again and The Long Dark will no longer be available for free in Epic Games Store.

Let’s see what surprise they prepare for us today.


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