Elon Musk has finally confirmed the date when Tesla will offer full standalone driving for its vehicles as a monthly subscription. The price will be announced in early 2021.

Weeks ago the company’s CEO answered on Twitter the question of the possibility of obtaining the features that allow Tesla to run on their own as a monthly subscription. He assured that it would arrive at the end of 2020, but it seems that it will be delayed a few weeks.

According to Electrek, Tesla has been working for months on a new subscription section in its smartphone app. The idea is that vehicle owners can sign up for or cancel this and other services, including premium connectivity.

Last September, when he first commented on the possibilities of offering total autonomous driving as a subscription and not as a one-time software upgrade, Musk said:

It still makes more sense to buy the total autonomous driving package. From our point of view, it’s an investment in the future. We are very confident that it will be an investment that will yield results and benefits to our customers. In my opinion, buying it is something that people will not regret.

But the reality is that a subscription, especially if it is monthly, makes sense for people who have leased or rented vehicles. Also for those who have more than one Tesla and don’t want to invest that much money.

Another thing that many Tesla vehicle owners have asked of Elon Musk, especially now that the price has increased so much, is the ability to transfer ownership of the Total Independent Driving Package from one vehicle to another.

That is, like the free kilometers obtained through referrals, that it be a service tied to the person and not to a vehicle. That way, when changing cars, the package changes from the old vehicle and is activated in the new one. Especially important now that the upgrade is priced at $10,000.

Tesla’s CEO has been open to the idea, but there is no final decision on that yet.


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