PS5 continues to receive content and new features through updates. One of the possibilities of Sony’s new console has gone slightly unnoticed and responds to criticism of how complicated and confusing it was for many users to run improved PS4 games on PlayStation 5.

To do this, we had to enter the options of the game itself, using the button that has three points, and choose to download the PS5 version, otherwise we would have installed and run the PS4 game without noticing it and without perceiving the visual differences. Now, among its last touches, PS5 emits a warning message, that it did not have before, in which it indicates that the PS4 game is going to be executed, and suggesting to change to the PS5 edition to offer a better quality. In this way, we will know with total certainty that we are starting the game on PS5

These are some changes that we find when we start games from the menu, but they are a problem that still drags in other sections. In PS Store, for example, we have to follow the same process of the button with the three points to make sure that we are downloading the PS5 version. If we download the PS4 version we will have to look in its section for the new generation edition to be updated and both will remain installed in the console. And then we will have to delete the one we don’t want from the storage manager so as not to duplicate the space.

For the moment, it is possible that the change will not run on the newly acquired consoles but it is a modification that will be coming to all installed devices in the coming days (or weeks, at most).


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