Today is the last day for Google Cloud Print, the cloud-based printing service. In this way, it becomes part of the series of services that Google has closed this year.

This closure is not surprising, as the Google team anticipated this end last year. This is a service that has already celebrated its tenth anniversary and has lost relevance in recent years.

Google launched Cloud Print in 2010 as a solution to enable users to print from any device simply and without the need to install any drivers. A dynamic that is now present in most printers with its cloud service.

But at that time, Cloud Print became a must-have tool, as it was compatible with most printer brands and popular models. So with just a few clicks, users could save themselves a lot of time and headaches.

Other Google failures that closed in 2020

Google Cloud Print is the latest in the list of Google services to close in 2020. If we take a quick look, we find Google Play Music, which stopped working in September, and closed down for good this month.

Another service that has been forgotten is Google Shoelace, a social network created by Area 120, which did not pass its experimental phase and closed on May 12. On the other hand, Trusted Contacts, Google’s app for sending location among trusted contacts, was removed from the App Store and Google, ending its support this December 1st.

One of the first to move to Google’s graveyard of failures was One Today, an app that allowed support for non-profit organizations. An initiative that was launched in 2013 and that was terminated last February 6th. And we cannot forget that Google announced in October that it would discontinue its Nest Secure alarm system, or the closure of its job search platform, Hire.

And these are just some of the Google services that will remain in 2020, some have gone unnoticed and others are only available in a few markets.


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