Knowing tips and tricks to take care of the laptop has become very important during the last months, since teleworking has imposed itself in the life of many entrepreneurs and employees.

Staying at home has become essential to curb coronavirus infections, which is why many people have been working from home since the beginning of the pandemic.

And, although the vaccine against Covid-19 is already a reality, everything points to the fact that working remotely will continue to have a very important place in the lives of many professionals over the next few years.

But, in order to be able to carry out the tasks of the day to day with normality and efficiency, it is fundamental to have a portable computer that is in perfect conditions.

That is why, through the following lines, we propose you some advices to take care, protect and extend the useful life of this electronic device that, nowadays, is more necessary than ever.

Laptop computers are practically essential in the field of remote work because they allow you to work both at home and in a bar, restaurant, hotel or any other place.

However, these devices are usually expensive and can strain your pocket if they are not properly cared for.

Have free space on your hard drive

If you want your laptop to last a long time in excellent condition, remember to check it regularly and make sure it has at least 20% free space on the hard disk, which is essential for it to work properly.

A good way to free up space on the computer is to delete the files that are no longer useful, especially the larger ones (images, videos…), as well as uninstall the programs that are not used.

Take care of the battery

If you have decided to take care of your laptop, you will have to be very careful with the battery and protect it by turning off the computer when you are not using it, as well as plugging it in only when it needs it and disconnecting it when the battery reaches 100% charge to prevent its autonomy from being affected.

Carry out a good cleaning

Laptops accumulate dirt, just like the rest of the objects we keep at home.

Removing it on a regular basis will help protect your device. And it’s a simple process because you only need to remove the dirt on the screen, keyboard and pins every day using a microfiber cloth or eyeglass wipe.

Be careful with temperature

Many people work by placing the computer on their legs. Although it may seem a harmless gesture, this action obstructs the air inlets and outlets, which leads to an increase in the temperature of the computer and can end up spoiling the terminal.

Hence the importance of placing the device on a table or a rigid surface when it is time to work with it.


Security also plays a key role in the world of computing. In fact, teleworking increases the risk of computer attacks.

To avoid them, it is important not to provide confidential or sensitive information to agents who are not extremely trustworthy, as well as to install a quality antivirus and to perform system and program updates when the computer requests them, as the latter are usually security fixes.

Avoiding bumps

Preventing shock is also of utmost importance when caring for your laptop because it can damage your hard drive.

So be careful when you move it around, and if you are going to carry it, do so after you have placed it in a case that is the right size and keeps it protected at all times.

To take care of your laptop and extend its life, it is essential to leave free space on the hard drive, clean it frequently, prevent bumps, move it from one point to another inside a case, monitor the battery, install updates as they appear and avoid blocking air inlets and outlets.


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