During the year 2020 many business sectors came to a complete standstill, but not some major technology companies.

Among them, Google has been one of the most active, although some of its major innovations have either not been released as much as they should or their implementation is being so progressive that we are still waiting for them.

One of these updates is the one related to the change in the search results algorithm, which they called Google EAT and for which all SEO positioning professionals must make the necessary changes, if they do not want their goals to become unattainable.

What is Google EAT

Google EAT is an update of Google’s algorithm based on the concepts of Expertise, Autorithy and Trustworthiness.

According to this new algorithm, Google will also take into account these 3 concepts when ranking the position of its search results.

Google EAT – Expertise

Based on the concept of expertise, Google will from now on give more importance to the quality of the content on a web page, especially when it comes to specialties.

Therefore, for specific searches by specialty, generalist contents will have less weight in the results, even if they have a good SEO optimization.

Google EAT – Autorithy

Authority continues to be one of the pillars of SEO positioning. The more authority a web page has, the more chances it has of being ahead of the competition.

It should be noted that this concept is not new, but it is relevant that Google exposes it as necessary for a good positioning, since on page optimization is never enough if it does not have the value of authority.

Google EAT – Trustworthiness

For Google, trustworthiness will be measured in the security of the web page. Obviously they are talking about the HTTPS protocol, but it is not the only one.

It also refers to legal pages, privacy policies, cookie acceptance request, etc. Taking into account how the laws in this area have been strengthened, Google wants to prioritize those sites that make an effort to comply with them and are fully updated.

Google EAT represents important changes, especially for sites that have not yet initiated them until now. Therefore, SEO professionals have their work cut out for them if they want this new algorithm not to disrupt the results obtained so far.


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