The last 12 months have seen the explosion in popularity of more than a few multiplayer video games, which until then had a more modest level of activity. One of these examples is Human: Fall Flat, a hilarious platform and puzzle adventure that, according to those responsible, has managed to seduce more than 25 million players since its launch back in 2016, a milestone they wanted to celebrate with a free content update on PC via Steam.

Achieving these numbers has a lot to do with its PC version, but also the mobile release of Human: Fall Flat in new markets. Through a collaboration with XD Inc and 505 Games, the production had sales of 2.5 million copies in the first month of release in China alone. Perhaps this is why its makers did not want to miss the opportunity to celebrate the Lunar New Year, offering users Lunar Lobby, a free update on Steam that lets you explore seven areas inspired by the traditional tales of the Asian country.

“Collect the 12 zodiac symbols, shake the fortune tree to receive many rewards and ride the roller coaster in the lucky tent that transforms into a dragon – will the heavenly palace be your final destination? Come with up to seven other friends to celebrate Chinese New Year!”, No Brakes Games presents on Steam.

Turning to the game’s sales data, in 2019 its makers put the multiplayer adventure’s total sales so far at five million, leaving signs of the magnitude of 2020 for its current success. “The passion and enthusiasm of the fans has allowed us to keep updating the video game with ingenious new levels. 2020 was our best year yet, but together with No Brakes we have even bigger plans for the future and are excited to be able to share them soon,” comments Gary Rowe of Curve Digital in a press release.

Human: Fall Flat is one more of these video games that have had a second life, which also include Rust or Among Us. In September 2019, the adventure was averaging just under 2,500 simultaneous users, a figure that grew to have in April 2020, in the midst of confinement in several countries around the world, close to 12,000 players, with peaks of up to 127,500 users. Human: Fall Flat is now in the mid-range pending further updates.

No Brakes Games’ production is presented on Steam as a fun platformer set in floating, dreamlike landscapes that can be enjoyed in multiplayer, specifically in games of up to eight users. Human: Fall Flat is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Stadia and mobile.


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