AirPods Max are one of Apple’s most acclaimed products. Not just for the sound quality, but also for what they represent in the high-end wireless headphone ecosystem. And while their price may seem like a stumbling block to becoming a mass phenomenon, the truth is that the initial demand, given the delivery times, was quite large.

However, Apple may have some problems with the AirPods Max. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the company could only place around one million units per year on the market. That’s a far cry from the company’s other devices.

The reasons behind these low numbers are not very clear, as Kuo did not want to go into details. Given what has happened in the past with other Apple products, there are two scenarios that could explain the reasons.

On the one hand, the fact that Apple has problems that make it unable to offer a sufficient stock of AirPods Max, especially related to the supply of components due to demand. On the other hand, demand is below what is expected for a high-end Apple product.

Be that as it may, the current numbers prove the analyst right. Regardless of the real problem behind the figures, any user who orders AirPods Max will have to wait a few weeks to receive them.

Another reason that would come into play has a lot to do with the expected arrival of the AirPods 3 in shops. Rumours surrounding the new generation have been in flux regarding its release date and final design. Whether they will arrive in the third or fourth quarter of the year has not been clarified. Or whether they will arrive in 2022. Circumstances that could coincide with those of the AirPods Max: pandemic, shortages and low demand. Or they may not be ready at all.

Although the AirPods Max, given its price, is a product with a smaller potential audience than other alternatives from the company, analysts are not clear. The mix between Apple’s alleged problems in producing them on a large scale and low demand, compared to other Apple products, means that sales expectations are falling. But there are no further details.

Now it remains to be seen, with figures in hand, whether Kuo is right about the one million units sold. As of today, and without knowing official Apple numbers, we will have to rely on the analyst’s figures.


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