Have you ever heard of the term domain authority or seen the acronym DA in a text? Nowadays this is a decisive factor for a website, whether it’s a blog, an online shop or eCommerce, or a news journal. It has a direct impact on SEO positioning. In other words, it determines the quality of the content you offer to readers and analyses the entire source to determine how reliable and important you are.

In other words, your domain authority can be related to how “influential” you are. But what else do you need to know about domain authority, what advantages does it offer, how can it be improved? All this and much more is what we’ll talk about below.

What is domain authority?

Although you may already have an idea of what domain authority is, we would like to explain it a little more so that it is clear to you.

Domain authority can be conceptualised as the value of a web page in terms of popularity, i.e. how well known and visited that page is. However, the measurement of this term does not really focus on the statistics of a page, but on the links that are directed to the website, both in quantity and quality.

For example, imagine you have a website with 1 million visits per month. But you get no more than 10 or 20 links to your site per month.

And now imagine a page that has only 200,000 visits per month, but there are 200 links per month.

At the end of the day, it will be Google that will provide you with the visits. By increasing your domain authority, there will be more traffic to your site.

How is domain authority measured?

Now the question you may be asking yourself, especially if you have a website, an eCommerce or something that you want to be successful on the Internet, is to know what domain authority you currently have. Well, there are many tools that help you find out, such as Ahrefs, Alexa, Moz, and many others that analyse the page and determine the authority based on the data.

However, they will not give you a 100% reliable result. In other words, they will give you an estimate, but the reality is that only Google knows what the final result of your domain authority is, and the reason why you rise or fall in its ranking.

Advantages of having a high domain authority

Having seen all of the above, there is no doubt that one of the main advantages of domain authority is, without a doubt, to improve your web positioning. In fact, domain authority itself is almost a third of all the work that needs to be done in SEO, which helps, and quite a lot, to make the other two thirds work as well, even better.

But what other benefits will you get?

You will improve visibility. This means that you will have more visits from users looking for you, or looking for the content that you offer them (and that Google qualifies as high quality, hence your domain authority).
You have more chance for Google to “like” you. And that means you can get into Google Discover, which is a section of the most relevant websites by Google. What does that mean? Well, a daily boost of users, which will improve your stats and you will climb in audience much faster.

Keys to improve your authority

Focusing now on what is really important, that is, on what can improve your domain authority, the keys that will work best for you are the following:

A Link Building strategy

This technique is one of the main ones, and also one of the most complicated to get right. But the truth is that the more dofollow links you get, and of good quality, the better your domain authority will be.

You should also keep in mind that, when you link to another page, what you are doing is losing part of your own, so it is not advisable to go overboard with it. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it; in fact, Google sees it as a very good thing.

Original quality content

Content is king, don’t forget. And while every media outlet can do the same story, it’s your creativity that’s going to make the difference. So when writing an article, use both information and originality to do something different. This way Google will like you and will be able to position you much better (even than other stronger media).

Don’t forget about internal links

External links are just as important as internal links. Therefore, it is necessary that you also link your articles in a natural way in the articles you write. Why? Because you increase the possibility that people will visit other content, even if it is old, and in this way you will achieve more visibility.

In addition, it is a good technique to improve domain authority because you make users visit other pages within your website, which tells Google that you have interesting content, both new and old.

Use social media

Social networks are now one of the best tools to improve your domain authority. If you get a stable audience, who also share your publications, you will get your articles to be distributed and, therefore, more people will be encouraged to read them and even to write articles based on your news. That is exactly what you have to achieve.


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