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“Is that ship still stuck?”: this website shows you if the Ever Given is still clogging the Suez Canal and world navigation

Technology"Is that ship still stuck?": this website shows you if the Ever Given is still clogging the Suez Canal and world navigation

The Ever Given cargo ship/cargo vessel has been stranded in the Suez Canal for almost three days. Beyond the anecdotal, this cargo ship has paralyzed a very considerable percentage of global maritime traffic, since it is a route through which 12% of the world’s traffic passes.

So much so that many ships are now using a valid but much longer and more expensive route, via the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. In just three days, this whole situation has already caused the price of crude oil to rise.

For the more curious, for those who want to follow in real time the adventure of the Ever Given, which before running aground drew a penis in the sea, Tom Neill has designed the website “Is that ship still stuck?“. With it he answers the simple question of whether the ship is still stuck, showing how long it has been stuck and the geographical point where the ship is located.

To build this website, the developer has used the Vessel Finder platform, with which you can see in real time the position coordinates of all registered ships worldwide, in the style of FlightRadar, but for ships.

Using its tools for embedding maps in websites, obtaining only the position of the Ever Given is a piece of cake. However, if we’re interested in seeing what’s around it, we just go to Vessel Finder and go to that area of Egypt, and we’ll see something like this:

If we zoom in even further, we will be able to see the ships around it, which are helping in the disentanglement tasks, together with the excavator that has been used for a multitude of memes.


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