WhatsApp was created to tell your contacts if you were available or busy on a phone call or in a meeting. Over time it evolved to be the go-to tool for millions of people who write messages, send and receive audio and video, make video calls and share files and documents.

But while WhatsApp is good for communicating with others, not everything always goes as it should. You may send a message and not know if it got through. Or if the other person has read it. To find out, we have tics, checks or confirmations. Whatever you want to call it. But even if the recipient reads a message, it doesn’t mean he or she will respond to you.

To get someone’s attention, beyond receiving a message and/or reading it, you can mention in WhatsApp whoever you want. With this option, they will receive a notice to let them know that you need a response or reply to the message you send. Let’s see how mentions work in WhatsApp and how to use them correctly.

Mentions in WhatsApp

You may have received some mentions on WhatsApp. Mentioning on WhatsApp is relatively simple. When someone mentions you, you get a notification and your name is highlighted in the message sent to a conversation or group.

It seems silly, but mentions have their advantages. The main one is that “if you mention someone in a group chat, it overrides any mute setting that person may have set for that group, unless they muted you in an individual chat.”

Receiving mentions on WhatsApp does not obligate you to respond to them. However, you can use them to get someone’s attention when you’re looking for a quick response. And even if you don’t respond or pay attention to mentions, you can eventually review messages that mention you in a group.

To review messages that mention you on WhatsApp you will need to press the @ symbol that you will see in the bottom corner of the group you are in.

How to mention in WhatsApp

Let’s say you want to know what time you have a group of friends. You need to know now to organize your agenda for that day. So to get a quick answer, you decide to ask someone by mentioning it in the WhatsApp group.

To mention in WhatsApp a contact, you just need to add the at or @ and select the name of the contact you want to mention. The list will show those who are part of the group you are in.

Mention when replying to messages

Another way to mention in WhatsApp indirectly is through messages sent by other contacts. That is, instead of sending a new message yourself, you can reply to previous messages.

Replying to messages is something you can do both in an individual conversation and in a WhatsApp group. In both cases, it’s a way to tidy up a conversation or regain focus on a topic if you’re dealing with several topics at once.

To reply to messages, we must go to that message, in a group or conversation, and press and hold it for a few seconds. Some options will appear, among them, Reply. Then you write the reply to that message and tap Send. You can also reply to a message by swiping it to the right.

In a group conversation, you can reply privately. This way, the reply will only reach the recipient and will not be seen by the other contacts in the group. To do this, you must press and hold the message, and in the options that will appear on the screen, you must choose More > Reply privately.

When replying to a WhatsApp message, the recipient will get a notification, so you can get their attention if you need a quick reply.


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