At times it seems that some chat apps have no respect for our privacy. From showing all your contacts when you have the application open, to warning when you are typing a text in the chat window. How to avoid it? Thanks to a simple trick we can make sure that other people can’t know when we are using one of the most popular chat apps in the world.

Here are the details and instructions you need to follow to get this WhatsApp trick to make other people unable to see the “you are typing” caption in any open chat.

Put your phone in airplane mode and open WhatsApp

This way to do this WhatsApp trick is quite easy and works on any smartphone. It’s as simple as putting your device in airplane mode, wait for it to disconnect from the cellular network or Wi-FI.

That will get the phone without internet and you can freely enter WhatsApp without broadcasting any activity that is being done in the app. Privacy is back!

With the app open, write all the messages you need and send them. A clock will appear next to the texts indicating that they are waiting to reconnect to be sent to your contact.

Once you have finished writing, access your smartphone’s settings and deactivate airplane mode. All messages will then be sent without your contacts seeing when you were writing them.


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