Considering that it is one of the apps we use most every day, and that for many it is the only app they use on their phones, these tricks can definitely make a big difference in your day to day life.

WhatsApp is, after all, the most popular instant messaging app in the world, with 2 billion monthly active users, according to data revealed in February 2021.

That’s why learning tricks to better use WhatsApp is interesting and very useful for those people who live inside the app, and these are, for us, the three most useful and interesting.

Use WhatsApp as your notepad

Yes, it’s an instant messaging app for chatting with other people, but this WhatsApp trick will help you turn it into your own notepad. The best way to do this is to write to yourself.

Just remember to add your own phone among your contacts and create a new chat looking for your name. As long as you don’t delete the chat, you can save all notes and sort them by date.

You can format your text with bold and italics.

Another little-known WhatsApp trick is to be able to format the texts you post by applying bold, italics, strikethrough and monospacing. To achieve this, you must do it in the following ways:

  • To write in bold, you must enclose the words between asterisks, *for example like this*.
  • To write in italics, you simply enclose the words between underscores, _you can do it, for example, like this_.
  • Strikethrough text should be enclosed in small brackets, ~like this~.
  • Finally, monospaced texts, you should place three inverted quotation marks before and after the text,
    ```this way```.

That way, long texts you write in WhatsApp will be correctly formatted and the people who receive them will thank you forever. There is nothing better than sending and receiving texts that are well written and easy to read.

Show your profile picture only to your contacts

Anyone who has your phone number can add you to their contacts, open the app and thus check that it’s you. It is both a security and privacy problem that can be solved in a simple way.

This WhatsApp trick requires modifying the privacy options, but it is quite simple. You can configure that your profile picture can only be seen by the people you have in Contacts.

To achieve this, you must access the app, Settings → Account → Privacy menu. There, in the profile picture option, choose that only your contacts can see it.

That way, anyone who has your phone, but not you, will not be able to see your profile picture and thus increase your privacy. But above all, your security.


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