Facebook has suffered one of the largest massive data breaches in its history. 530 million accounts have been exposed on the network and include all types of data.

Among the types of data exposed include full names, dates of birth and locations. Also for some accounts the associated phone number and email addresses.

These last two pieces of information are of vital importance to our online identity, so maintaining the safeguarding of both is of vital importance. There is little we can do against the Facebook data leak, but we can guarantee that this data will not be used for others to have access to other of our accounts.

Most users tend to use the same email address for all social networks and Internet registrations. Knowing, therefore, if our address and account is included in the big Facebook leak is the first step to ensure our online identity.

Thanks to the fact that the Facebook data breach has already been published on the web, we can check if our account is affected. How? Very simple, you just have to go to Have i been pwned? and enter your email address. The site will match your data with those of the base of the Facebook data breach and check if you have been a victim. Note, however, that your account may have been breached but not your email, and the site only analyzes emails.

In addition, the site will also check if your account has been involved in any other data breach in the past.

Regardless of whether your account has been compromised, our recommendation is to change your password as soon as possible. And also do it on all websites and services where you have registered with the same account or password.

In addition, we recommend the use of email aliases to avoid these situations, if you are one of those who use the same address to register on all sites.


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