Maybe you are one of those people who like to keep your brain in constant learning and training to reach the limit and solve mental exercises, which is obviously not easy.

And unless you have very little patience to solve problems and mental puzzles, this is a world that turns out to be quite interesting and stimulating. Therefore, this time there will be up to four free video games for Android that you can see here to download and train your mind, so let’s go for it.

Roll the ball

This is one of the classics that we can find within the category of mind games and modern puzzles. It is basically a game where you will have to fit the pieces together by moving the blocks, in order to create a path for the ball to move towards the goal. Great title with more than 100 million downloads, which has even managed to make several clones thanks to its popularity.

There are true classics that never go out of fashion, and Sudoku is a clear example of this. This app has more than 10000 sudoku maps to enjoy, which can be practically impossible to complete but that’s the positive side, plus there are up to 6 different levels to choose from.

Infinity Loop

Infinity Loop is another excellent option in which logic and strategy must come together to fulfill the game’s objective: to create loop patterns by connecting different lines and circles. It sounds easier than it looks, but it is actually quite the opposite, as you must be tapping the screen at all times to see how to match the loose dots.


Last but not least, we come across Hocus, an interesting and eye-catching puzzle that manages to teach us optical illusions, mainly due to the position and shadows of objects, something that the designer takes full advantage of to provide the greatest possible challenge to users.
It turns out to have a fairly simple game mechanic, where you just have to take the red cube to the end of the maze. However, the dilemma lies in which side of the maze to go to reach the necessary point.


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