Artificial intelligences (AI) are here to stay, as demonstrated by the latest creation of two companies to commemorate the centenary of Albert Einstein’s Nobel Prize in Physics. Now, anyone who wants to (and can find the time) can talk online with the famous physicist.

AI has Einstein’s voice and this is thanks to the work of two companies. The first, Aflorithmic; dedicated to voice cloning and audio mastering. The second, UneeQ, specialists in digital humans. If you stop to think about it, it seems like the perfect recipe for a magnificent Albert Einstein, doesn’t it? Well, it seems that their Einstein AI has been a success.

From the beginning, they were clear about what they wanted to do: an interactive, conventional AI that would be dedicated to providing pills of wisdom that would have been spoken by the physics genius himself. The AI they had envisioned could answer questions about Einstein, his views, opinions, and even immediate answers to anyone’s questions.

And who could speak better about Einsteint than Albert himself? Thus arose this artificial intelligence genius, in which the physicist himself answers with his voice and body. And so it was given a life. A life animated by UneeQ, which already has experience in this type of technology since it is not the first time they work on it.

In reality, there is not much new technology behind Albert Einstein’s AI. What there is is a lot of historical research on the German genius and his appearances in front of the cameras. Thanks to the historical recordings, the two teams have been able to make certain decisions to adjust Einstein’s voice and appearance for their AI.

For example, the voice team decided that their Albert would speak with a strong German accent, with a high pitch and pronounce his words slowly, as if he were chatting with a friend. Despite the team’s enthusiasm and rigorous research, many of the recordings were of poor quality and this prevented them from cloning the voice in the way it is normally done.

So they took inspiration from the movies and created a voice for the character of this physics genius. To do so, they relied heavily on the characteristics extracted after immersing themselves in historical records. Want to talk to Einstein? In this video you can see what his voice is like with a German accent and this is the place to talk to Einstein for a while.


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