After a long wait, iOS 14.5 is finally among us. The latest version of Apple’s operating system for the iPhone arrives with several improvements, including support for AirTags, new emojis, new features in Siri and the ability to unlock the terminal with a face mask on.

However, the most important feature revolves around privacy with the arrival of App Tracking Transparency (ATT). This is a feature that disables the advertising identifier (IDFA) by default and forces developers to consult users before tracking them.

This new feature, like the privacy tags inaugurated with iOS 14.3, has generated strong friction between Apple and Facebook. The social network claims that the new rules go against the free Internet and mainly affect “small businesses”.

If you have iOS 14.5 installed on your phone and an application wants to make use of IDFA, it must consult you through a pop-up window. You will have the option to accept the tracking of your activity for advertising purposes or deny the request.

Applications use the advertising identifier (IDFA) to cross-reference data with third parties to enable targeted advertising campaigns. While this is a long-standing practice, Apple believes it currently puts privacy at risk and drives the use of other methods through SKAdNetwork or Apple Search Ads.

If in addition to your iPhone you have an Apple Watch, with iOS 14.5 you can unlock your phone with your face mask on. It is, of course, a fully automatic process. Once the terminal is unlocked, you will receive a haptic response from the watch on your wrist.

The female voice is no longer configured by default in Siri. When you use the voice assistant for the first time in iOS 14.5 you will be prompted to choose the voice of your preference.

By default, every time you ask Siri to play a song, the assistant turns to Apple Music. In iOS 14.5 you can choose another default player, for example Spotify. Once set, the next time you say “Hey Siri, play a ‘Coldplay’ song,” you won’t need to clarify that you want to listen to it on Spotify.


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