For many years, Calibri has been the default font in Office, however, this will soon change. Microsoft is looking to replace this font. To do so, it has presented five new options and, pleasantly, has asked users for their opinion. That is, before the Redmond people make a final decision, the community will be able to ask for their favorite typeface on social networks.

You may feel a little nostalgic about the change. It has been 15 years in which Calibri has accompanied millions of people in all kinds of documents. When we talk about a default font, we are referring to the first impression that users of Office applications receive when typing the first letter. It is also a visual identity that has traveled the world in school work, university work, e-mails, resumes and so on.

Like everything in life, there are cycles and software is not exempt from them. You may remember the classic Times New Roman that accompanied us on many occasions until Word 2007. Now you have the possibility of choosing among five sans-serif options. These are Tenorite, Bierstadt, Skeena, Seaford and Grandview. To make the choice easier, Microsoft has shared a brief overview of the designers. Once you know which one is your favorite, tell Microsoft about it here:


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