Pavel Valeryevich Durov, CEO of Telegram has announced in his Durov channel, within the platform he leads, that in May there will be a new feature for group video calls that people carry out in Telegram. He highlights that, for the first time, Telegram will include the option to be able to share screen during a video call. This is something that many platforms aimed at this form of communication so common now, already include.

In addition to the possibility of sharing screen, in the video calls you make via Telegram from May you will also be able to cancel the background noise. In addition, they will be encrypted in the same way that chat conversations are now.

Another big news is that Durov said that Telegram is internally testing video calls in the new Telegram web apps, and that they will soon be available. The goal is for video calls to have desktop and tablet support as well.

It should be noted that its biggest rival, WhatsApp, already had group video calls before. And also with the possibility of making video calls in its desktop version WhatsApp Desktop. But the new features announced today by Telegram make its offer superior and more complete in this regard.

A few days ago, Telegram announced improvements to one of its main weaknesses: its web app, which was notably behind in terms of its mobile and desktop applications. It solved this by announcing new ways to access Telegram through the browser. The traditional Telegram Web is now joined by Telegram WebK and Telegram WebZ.

In addition, this Monday, the app announced new features in its payments so that now businesses can accept credit card payments natively in any type of chat. And the most interesting thing is that they can be available almost anywhere in the world.

With this novelty Telegram has taken an important step with Payments 2.0, getting a big step ahead of its great rival WhatsApp, which has been testing its payments for some time. And it is a partial advance because these payments, for the moment, are limited to artists, workers or stores. Not between individuals, the great trump card that is likely to play the platform owned by Facebook Inc.


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