There are pages, applications or services on the Internet that have a lot of tricks and secrets, of which we do not have the slightest knowledge, that is a reality.

And although we use these platforms almost every day, it is inevitable that there will be at least a couple of things and tricks that will go unnoticed, especially in a universe as giant as that of the Google search engine.

Therefore, it is of much interest to anyone to know what tricks can be used within the most famous search engine in the world, so pay attention to the following as there will be up to 10 tricks that we will present on this occasion.

Get calm with the “Breathing exercise” trick.

Are you stressed out from work and the pressure on you? Google does not forget about that and presents a trick called precisely “Breathing exercise”. If you type these words in the search engine, you will be shown a capsule which, through breathing and contemplating your situation, will help you calm down.

Filtering what you are looking for in Chrome

As shown in the example, if you log into Google Chrome and search with keywords next to the “+” symbol and the name of the website where you think you can get the information, it will be easier to find the related article faster.

Let Google help you diet with its calorie counter

If you are on a diet or if you like to count the amount of calories you consume daily and do not know how to do it, from the Google search engine you can ask the simple question “how many calories are in an apple?”, or any food you eat.

Use the Google calculator whenever you want

Need to do some math but for some reason don’t have a digital or physical calculator? Relax, because you can easily enter the word “Calculator” in the search engine and you will be shown a minimalist calculator with several tools to solve your exercises.

Find the name of songs with keywords

Something that has probably happened to all of us, is that we’ve heard a good song but we don’t know who it’s by, what it’s called or anything like that. What you can do is to remember some keywords of the same song and then put them in the search engine, there you will find answers.

Turn your screen around just by typing a few words.

If you type in the search engine the words “do a barrel roll”, the screen will make a complete turn until it returns to its original position. Also, if you type in “askew”, instead of doing a barrel roll, it will only turn a little bit.

Toss a coin and see what it wins

Maybe at some point you need to solve a problem or any question in life as fairly and justly as possible, and as has been done since time immemorial you can flip a coin, just look for “Heads or tails” and voila, problem solved.

Look for graphs you never thought existed

There is a way to see graphs that you probably didn’t know about but the option is there. Just try putting sqrt(cos(x))*cos(300x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.7)*(4-x*x)^0.01,sqrt(6-x^2), -sqrt(6-x^2) from -4.5 to 4.5 in your search engine and see the result.

If you play an instrument you can use Google’s metronome in the search engine

We know that the metronome helps composers, people who play an instrument and other things that have to do with the artistic world. Well, if you belong to that group and you need to be told the tempo, you can type Metronome and your problem will be solved.

You can play the iconic Pac-Man game as a doodle.

If you are one of those who miss the classic Pac-Man game, then you should know that Google some time ago made a tribute to this game and now you can play it as a doodle. What do you have to do to play it? Search for “Pac man doodle” and relive the good old days.

Convert international currencies to know their current price.

Finally we present a trick that can save your life if you need to change a sum of money, for example 200 dollars to euros. It is something that is not something else to keep in mind and that can solve a lot of things in specific moments.


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