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How to free up space in Gmail?


It is very likely that you have a Gmail account. Either because you use Google services such as Gmail itself, Youtube or Google Drive, or because you like to manage your email through this free service.

Easy to use, always available and with plenty of space, Gmail is a good email service. But it is inevitable that your inbox or folders will fill up and you will be forced to free up space.

In principle, Gmail offers 15 GB of available space. That space is shared with Google Drive and Google Photos. More than enough for your email. At least if you do not abuse sending and receiving attachments.

But everything has a solution. Let’s see how you can free up space and get a tidy and organized inbox.

Delete attachments from Gmail

Let’s start with the main reason why your Gmail account is cluttered. Email messages take up very little space. The 15 GB that Google offers for free is usually taken up by large files such as songs, videos or photos.

To free up space in your Gmail account and get more space for more emails, Gmail provides a way to detect which messages are the heaviest. You can then download attachments, save and/or delete them, and delete large messages.

From the Gmail search field, clicking on it will display the advanced search options. We are only interested in the option Contains attachments, which we will check. Then click on Search. Thanks to this filter, we will see only emails with attachments. This will make it easier and faster for you to find large emails and free up space in a matter of minutes.

Delete large emails from Gmail

A similar solution to the previous one is to search for emails that exceed a certain size. Google recommends this solution for finding large emails. Specifically, it allows you to search for messages larger than 10 MB.

Again from the Gmail search box, you must enter the command has:attachment larger:10M. What it will do is display emails that contain attachments larger than 10 MB. You can change the number to something else.

Occasionally clean out the Gmail Spam folder

It sounds like a truism, but you’d be surprised how many people forget the Gmail Spam folder. A folder where unwanted or suspicious messages end up. One of the things Gmail does best is to process unwanted mail.

But messages classified as spam end up in a forgotten folder that accumulates a lot of emails and takes up space. To free up that deep space, just go to the Spam folder and empty it. With a bit of luck, it will have done it all by itself.

Delete very old messages from Gmail

Although with the previous tricks we will have already gotten rid of the heaviest Gmail, we can still do some cleaning and free up space while deleting outdated or outdated content.

There are old messages that should be kept, but other emails may have expired and may not be of much use. What’s more, if you want to keep them, you can download them to your computer and free up space in Gmail.

To view Gmail messages by age, we can use in the search box the command older:YYYYY/MM/DD where A is Year, M is Month and D is Day. For example, I want to see my emails older than 2015. So let’s search for older:2015/01/01.

With the results, you will see if there are messages worth saving or messages that you can send to Trash without anything happening.

Keep an eye on Google Drive and Google Photos

We said that Gmail shares with Google Drive and Google Photos the available storage space. This means that the free 15 GB must be shared with your Drive files and Documents or with your photos and videos from Google Photos.

First, keep in mind that Google Drive shared drives do not affect the available space. On the other hand, Google Photos takes up space if you save photos and videos in original quality.


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