Valve has approved the PlayStation page on Steam where you can see all the Sony content for PC… and that hides other content that will arrive in the future.

Sony PlayStation’s commitment to launch video games on PC seems firmer than ever and, as an example of this, we have seen during less than a year the launch of two titles so far exclusive to PS4 and PS5 such as Horizon Zero Dawn (which arrived last August to computers) and Days Gone (which will arrive on computers next Tuesday, May 18).

In fact, Sony itself has asked Valve to have its own “Curator” page on Steam, a page on which approved individuals, companies or gaming magazines can promote their favorite games or offer Steam deals. In the case of developers these are usually pages where they tend to display all the video games they have published in one place to make it easier for gamers to search for or buy their products.

In the case of the PlayStation Studios page on Steam it can be clearly seen how there are 41 contents catalogued as “My Games”. Within this content there can be both full games and expansions, DLC or soundtracks of which, at the moment there are only 25 visible on the page corresponding to Helldivers, Predator: Hunting Grounds, Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone (which appears independently in the Upcoming Releases section) and all the DLC for these games.

So, with a simple mathematical count we can see that there are 16 PlayStation Studios content for PC that have not yet been released and appear hidden on Sony’s Steam page. What we don’t know is what those 16 pieces of content correspond to.

Precisely Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStation, spoke a few weeks ago about Sony’s plans to bring more PlayStation games to PC, arguing that “there’s an opportunity to bring great games to a wider audience and benefit the economics of game development that isn’t always straightforward. The cost of making games increases with each cycle as the caliber of IP has improved. It has also increased the ease of making it available to those who don’t have a console so it’s a pretty straightforward decision for us.”


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