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The new Battlefield already has a release date … and it’s getting closer


We have been waiting for it and it has finally become official. After several rumors and some leaks. EA and DICE have confirmed on social networks the date on which the new Battlefield, the long-awaited installment of one of the most popular multiplayer FPS sagas, will be presented. It will be June 9 at 10:00 am (Eastern time).

The company has not left many details, other than the game logo with the date and the scheduled time to see, presumably, the first trailer and gameplay of the adventure. We do not even know the official name, if it will be Battlefield 6 or will have some additional subtitle. We will have to wait for the day indicated, Wednesday, June 9, to find out for sure.

What we do know is that the new Battlefield will be released on next-generation consoles. It will come to PS5 and Xbox X Series X|S, but as has been confirmed, there will also be a version for PS4 and Xbox One. In addition to PC, of course. After several months of rumors about when the official presentation of the game would be, we already know that it will be in just a few days. We will know the news and resolve doubts, such as whether it will finally have a battle royale mode to compete with Warzone or if it will eliminate the individual campaign as some sources claim. Or if it will be accompanied by a surprise, like Battlefield Mobile.

EA itself confirmed a few months ago that Battlefield will arrive in late 2021, and perhaps the event will serve to officially know its release date, with the aim of planting a new episode in the beautiful playful war between Battlefield and Call of Duty, who want to recall battles of the past, with two powerful games that take advantage of the new hardware. Now, we just have to wait a little longer.


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