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This is Super Follows: the “Twitter Patreon” where the most popular users earn money for their tweets


In February of this year Twitter first announced Super Follows, a new subscription-based system within Twitter that allows users to charge (and others to pay) for tweets. We haven’t had any more information about it since then, until now that new details have leaked out.

Software researcher Jane Manchun Wong has unveiled new features of Twitter’s Super Follows subscription. Through it, Twitter’s most popular users will be able to ask for money in exchange for displaying some of their tweets, which will only be available to those who pay a subscription to the user in question.

According to the screenshots shared by the researcher, the program will be available to those who have more than 10,000 followers and are active users of the social network. Users who meet these requirements will be able to request the subscription.

Twitter says that through Super Follows users will have the possibility to offer exclusive extra content. Likewise, these users will have a special tag to designate that they are special. Twitter also shows an estimate of how much money the user can earn per month depending on how much they set the subscription at and how much percent of their followers pay for it.

As an interesting point, Twitter also asks users to specify other places where they share their exclusive content. They mention as prominent networks Facebook, Patreon, Subtask, Twitch, YouTube and…. OnlyFans. And is that porn is not going to go unnoticed, among the categories that the user must warn if among its content is also pornography.

New forms of monetization on Twitter

Over the last few months we have seen how Twitter is implementing new ways of monetizing the social network. Their main business model is advertising, however lately they have launched new features where the user can pay money directly. This does not mean that advertising is going away.

The most developed system so far is Twitter Blue. Launched a few days ago in Canada and Australia, it is the Twitter subscription service. Through it users have some extra features such as undoing tweets or changing the app icon.

On the other hand we have Tip Jar, a feature in testing through which users can receive tips from other users directly. In this case it works through external accounts such as Venmo, PayPal or Patreon.

These two forms of monetization will be joined at some point by Super Follows. All indications are that the subscription will be $4.99 per month.


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