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Terra Nil, a construction game where you have to restore the ecosystem


Publisher Devolver Digital and South African independent development studio Free Lives (Broforce, Genital Jousting, Gorn) have announced Terra Nil, a “reverse city-building game that pursues ecosystem restoration”. This means that instead of starting to build a city on a green meadow, players will have to conquer the land and restore it for flora and fauna to inhabit it again. The PC title has no release date yet, but we already know that it will be available through Steam.

“Terra Nil challenges players to rejuvenate the world’s environment,” says the official game description offered by Devolver Digital. The recovery of the ecosystem will progress through different phases, starting with a water system, soil purification and cultivation of the first vegetation, to later embark on more ambitious tasks such as restoring biodiversity, fixing the climate and introducing wildlife, to finally recycle all the structures and leave the environment fully recovered.

The announcement and the first details of Terra Nil have been accompanied by a trailer where you can see how the mechanics and the graphical aspect of the game will be.

Terra Nil’s campaign offers a whole planet to restore with different geographical regions, each with its own challenges, flora and fauna. All maps are procedurally generated “with hand-painted landscapes in which every element, except rocks, moves and breathes”. In addition, each region has a unique weather pattern and Free Lives promises that even within a single region no two games will be the same. Throughout the game, a “meditative soundtrack and detailed sound palette” will accompany the game.

Terra Nil has no release date or window yet, but anyone interested will be able to try out the game starting June 16 at 10:00 PST as part of the Steam Next Fest. This event organized by Valve will run until June 22 and will allow you to try demos of hundreds of PC games, watch developer streams and chat with teams about the games they have in hand.


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