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Samsung apps allow spying on your phones and there is still no solution

TechnologySamsung apps allow spying on your phones and there is still no solution

Creating a computer program is no easy task, but making it flawless is even more complicated. This is what they are demonstrating at Samsung after a security firm has analyzed the company’s applications preinstalled on its mobile phones and discovered no less than more than a dozen problems.

It has been the firm OverSecured that has published a report detailing the company’s apps that have security holes that allow attackers to even extract information from Samsung mobiles.

If there is a bug in an application that can be exploited, that’s a problem in itself. That there is a bug in more than a dozen of them is critical.

The problems range from programming bugs that allow an attacker to take control of the device, to ones that allow spying on what the user is doing on their smartphone.

Samsung has fixed some of these bugs, but others have not yet been resolved, which is why analysts have declined to provide further details, lest hackers take advantage of this poorly implemented code.

List of Samsung applications with security flaws

Sergey Toshin, founder of Oversecured, has analyzed the apps preinstalled on Samsung mobiles since the beginning of the year, and has found problems in at least all of these:

  • Knox Core (com.samsung.android.knox.containercore)
  • Managed Provisioning (com.android.managedprovisioning)
  • Secure Folder (com.samsung.knox.securefolder)
  • SecSettings (com.android.settings)
  • Samsung DeX System UI (com.samsung.desktopsystemui)
  • TelephonyUI (com.samsung.android.app.telephonyui)
  • PhotoTable (com.android.dreams.phototable)

As you can see, there are some pretty important ones, such as the Secure Folder app, or the system settings app. Those bugs have been reported to Samsung already.

The problem lies in three other bugs that have not yet been fixed, of which Toshin has not given details, beyond that it would be possible to steal information from the system SMS and access to read information from the device.

For the moment if you own a Samsung phone there is not much you can do, except wait for them to update the affected applications correcting these problems. One more reason not to want bloatware on your phone, something that the European Union will soon take action on.


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