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xCloud finally comes to Xbox app on Windows 10


Microsoft is continuing to push its cloud gaming strategy. The Redmond giant has just announced that Xbox Gaming Cloud (xCloud) is now available on Windows 10, although it is still in beta for the time being.

In this first stage, Microsoft’s cloud gaming service can be enjoyed from the Xbox app in Windows 10 for members of the Insider Program in the 22 countries where the service operates.

In this way, testers with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be able to play more than 100 games directly from their computer or continue a game they started on a console or mobile device, all thanks to xCloud.

One of the most striking features offered by this service is that it can work on almost any current computer. That is, from the most modest to the most powerful hardware.

Of course, a good internet connection is a prerequisite for this type of cloud experience. Microsoft recommends around 15 Mbps to run the Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) service in standard quality, i.e. at 720p.

If 4K resolution is desired, a connection of 35 Mbps or higher will be required. This is because the content is streamed, so lower speeds result in more buffering and ruin the experience.

How to sign up for the Xbox Insider Program to try out xCloud

As mentioned at the beginning, xCloud within the Xbox app for Windows 10 is only available to members of the Insider Program. However, any user can sign up for this programme quickly and easily.

Xbox Insiders can access features and games that are still in development. This is used to help improve content before it is released to everyone. To join the Insider Program from Windows 10:

  1. Press the Start button, type “Store” and select Microsoft Store.
  2. Select Search, type “Insider” in the box and select Xbox Insider Hub.
  3. Select Get or Install.
  4. Open the Xbox Insider Hub application.
  5. Enter Preview Version, choose the one you want, and follow the instructions.


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