There is no doubt about the advances that have been made in recent times in mobile photography, achieving better and better results, and that those interested can also apply to their video call sessions thanks to solutions such as Camo.

In this sense, Camo appeared last year on iOS so that users can take advantage of their mobile devices as a high quality webcam in their desktop video call sessions, taking advantage of the fact that mobility restrictions due to the pandemic have encouraged the use of video calls in corporate environments, but also in more personal settings.

Now, Camo is also coming to the Android platform, although it is currently available in beta phase, offering all its functions, including Pro functions, free of charge to all users who install the application on their mobile devices.

In this way, users who do not yet have a decent webcam, or none at all, now have another alternative for making video calls with the best possible quality.

Camo takes advantage of the use of the main rear camera of mobile phones as a very high quality webcam for video call sessions, and is compatible with the main existing business collaboration platforms.smartphones

And although users will not be able to see the content of their mobile screen, having to find a way to fix their mobiles in a specific position, they will be able to make the necessary adjustments through the complementary desktop application that Camo has for Windows and macOS platforms.

In this sense, Camo comes with functions such as crop, focus, zoom or panorama, although it also comes with brightness, resolution and saturation adjustments, as well as allowing the use of custom watermarks.

By the way, to use Camo you need an Android device with at least version 7.0 or higher.

It will be a matter of users evaluating the possibility of using their mobiles as a webcam or opting to buy specific webcams, although as we know, in the last year, the different manufacturers of reflex cameras have also been launching kits to convert them into webcams, as we saw in the case of Canon.

There are solutions for all tastes and needs, and smartphones have become such a basic part of our lives that they can be the most useful solution at any given moment.


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