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TechnologyTelegram gained 70 million users during WhatsApp outage

The fall of WhatsApp during those infernal hours for Facebook was a great joy for Telegram, which received 70 million new users.

We already know about the competition between these two messaging apps, which have both been hitting each other with updates and security improvements to show which one is the best to millions of users around the world.

6 hours without the service that connects millions of people around the world means that they would be looking for another way to send and receive messages.

And it is true that in countries where the dependence on WhatsApp is greater, as well as on services such as Instagram or Facebook, it meant more speed in the search for an alternative option to stay in touch.

Telegram is always the first choice, although Signal is also there with its end-to-end encryption to ensure the best possible privacy for many users, and as more and more people are using the app, it is easier to convince others to install and log in.

Pavel Durov is the founder of Telegram and he took his moment to share a few lines, in which he conveyed that Telegram’s growth rate increased considerably during those 6 hours to rescue 70 million users who were lost.
In fact, Durov used the word ‘refugee’ to show how users were a bit at a loss as to where to go.

He even commented that due to the registration of so many users in such a short period of time, the Telegram service suffered some instability.

A Telegram that this year reached the figure of 500 million users worldwide to pass the billion downloads among other milestones achieved.

In short, other messaging apps such as Signal or Telegram benefited by rescuing those lost users who were looking for a way to continue their daily communications with their mobile phones.


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