Sony continues to reveal news about the PlayStation 5. On this occasion, a new connectivity feature between the cell phone and the latest edition of its famous video game console was announced.

Catching up with a tool that could already be found in its direct competitors, the PlayStation mobile application will soon allow to manage screenshots and screen recordings from the phone.

Before pointing out further details, it is worth noting that this feature is currently being rolled out as part of a “limited release beta”, only available to PlayStation 5 users in Japan and Canada, according to the official announcement. However, as this is an official update, it is only a matter of time -probably a short period- before it will be available globally.

Currently, the console already has a screenshot mechanism, but it is limited to the management options offered by its own interface. The logs can be copied to a USB memory stick or uploaded to the network, but only through the services supported by PlayStation.

Through its mobile application, PlayStation App, Sony is testing a new dynamic to obtain screenshots and video recordings. Users who have access to this feature will be able to access their videos and images captured from the console during the last 14 days.

At least for the time being, this feature is offered free of charge to its users, without depending on a PlayStation Plus subscription.

This mechanism has some restrictions. Through the mobile app, only clips that do not exceed 1920×1080 pixels in resolution can be managed. Larger sizes will simply not be uploaded. In addition, even if a screenshot or video is deleted from the console, it will still appear in the PlayStation app during the stated period.

The PlayStation support site provides more details about this new tool. It should be noted that, given the nature of this release, the information is not yet officially available worldwide and in this case, coming from the portal for Canadian users.


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