Facebook will stop being called Facebook as soon as next week. This is revealed by a person with direct knowledge of the process, as revealed exclusively by the The Verge.

A momentous change that could be made public at the company’s annual event, scheduled for next October 28. It will be at that (Facebook) Connect, where Mark Zuckerberg could reveal the grand scheme in which the firm he commands is working.

One with much larger ambitions, some in the form of metaverse, which will shape the coming years of the Menlo Park technology company. And so much so, that they would create the need to give birth to a new global brand.

Just a few days ago Facebook announced its plans to create 10,000 jobs in Europe to develop its metaverse. This would be something like a new parallel living digital environment powered by augmented and virtual reality. And it is the Californian company’s next big plan.

Currently, Facebook is the parent company that brings together Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp, among others, under the wing of the firm. And it is precisely this name that Zuckerberg would seek to turn around.

With the new designation, the social network we all know would continue to be called Facebook but the parent company of the powerful Silicon Valley conglomerate would have another name.

It is unknown, for now, what will be the new name of Facebook. The company keeps it in the highest level of secrecy, although the aforementioned media assures that it could be related to Horizon, a virtual reality project in which the company is working.

In any case, this step seems to be one of the most important for Zuckerberg’s company. Not for the simple fact of being renamed differently, but because it reflects in a crystalline way its intention to separate its broader efforts (towards the creation of its metaverse and other branches), from the popular name with which it was born.


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