Facebook is going through a very complicated time. The social network is constantly denounced for ignoring the damage that its platforms, especially Instagram, cause to users. And, in other cases, for failing to properly address fake news and hate speech. In an attempt to demonstrate its apparent concern, the social network announced new measures with which they intend to stand up to people who break the rules in groups.

From now on, if a user violates the rules of use, Facebook will begin to penalize the exposure of their posts in groups. Basically, the idea is that the content posted by these users will not have the desired reach. If the infraction is severe, the company could completely block their ability to post, comment and even invite others to the group.

Also, if the system considers that the content of a publication is against the rules, it will display a label with the phrase “Flagged by Facebook”. This will allow group administrators to be aware of a user’s possible infractions. They will be free to remove the post or, if they feel it is in compliance, request a review. Of course, Facebook warns that groups could also be sanctioned if they become accomplices of the offenders.

According to the company, they redoubled their efforts against inappropriate content and false information in the wake of the 2020 U.S. presidential election. It is well known that some Donald Trump supporter groups used Facebook to promote fake news. Shortly after, earlier this year, a similar situation arose with the assault on Capitol Hill.

A few hours ago, it was learned that Mark Zuckerberg’s company plans to change its name. The reason? To give a twist to its image to focus on the metaverse. It is important to note, however, that the modification would affect the parent company, not the social network, which will continue to be called Facebook. Apparently they will make it official as soon as next week.


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