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Youtube Music’s umpteenth change of strategy

TechnologyYoutube Music's umpteenth change of strategy

The guys at Google never tire of trying to square the circle and keep trying to charge for the same thing they offer for free (although there will always be some fool who will take the bait, of course).

Now they are preparing changes to YouTube Music. The music streaming platform will debut some new features starting next month. One of the new features is related to the viewing of videos in the app; from November it will be available only to those with a Premium subscription.

This means that those who use YouTube Music in its free version, with ads, will see their experience limited to audio only. It is worth saying, however, that for many it will not be a problem because most of the viewing of music videos is still done from the main YouTube application.

This measure will be effective from November 3. Initially it will be available only in Canada, but Google promises news on the expansion to other countries.

Beyond the aforementioned change, free YouTube Music users are indeed set to receive a much-desired feature. We are talking about music playback in the background, which so far is limited to Premium accounts.

Also from November 3, those who access YouTube Music for free will be able to continue listening to their favorite songs even when they leave the application; or when the screen of their device is locked. So, then, Google compensates for the removal of videos with a feature that will possibly prove even more useful for those who are not willing to pay the monthly subscription and that for many was the only reason to pay the premium fee.

Once the changes take effect, Premium users of the music streaming service will have exclusive access to video clips, a feature that adds to the ad-free playback and the ability to skip songs without limitations, among others. Will it be enough to attract more users from services like Spotify and Apple Music?

(If you’re going to bet on the success of these changes, bet on NO) 😉


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