If you are a Among Us player, this news is for you. The popular social deduction game is finally coming to video game consoles. Starting December 14, it will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, PS4 and PS5.

In the case of Microsoft’s console, it will also be available on the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. And if you have a Sony console, they will be able to access exclusive Ratchet & Clank add-ons that will make the game more customizable.

As expected, Among Us will support cross-play and multiplayer. This means that if your friends have a different platform, they will be able to play without problems in the same game. That is, Windows computers, video game consoles and Android or iOS mobile devices.

In addition, Innersloth, the developer of the video game has announced that physical editions of Among Us will soon start to be sold. These will be available staggered in different regions.

The Crewmate Edition will arrive on December 14. Impostor Edition and Ejected Edition will be released later in spring 2022 in several territories, although the firm does not specify which ones.

Among Us was released in 2018, but spent its first two years living largely unnoticed. However, with the arrival of the pandemic in 2020, everything changed and the game went from being anonymous to one that everyone wanted to play.

As a result of the confinement, users began to use more and more digital platforms and sought new forms of entertainment. Added to the fact that many streamers started to play Among Us, the game exploded.

The truth is that its mechanics had little to do with the most popular titles of the moment. Among Us featured a social deduction environment in which two imposters are tasked with killing all the remaining crew members of a spaceship.

Think you know who the imposters are, can you find them before they kill you? Or you’ll probably lose a life by mistake. This mechanic, similar to that of the classic game The Assassin, has gained the interest of millions of users.


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