OnlyFans has a new content creator and it’s creating more hype than Bella Thorne’s account. We’re talking about Vienna Museums, who have been reprimanded by other platforms and have decided to switch to the adult social network. All so they can freely share videos and photos of the nudes in their collection of artwork.

In recent years, several Viennese museums have been accused by Facebook, Instagram and TikTok of sharing “sexually explicit” posts. This is the case of the Albertina Museum, which was reprimanded on Instagram for a painting by Rubens and suspended from TikTok for a photograph by Japan’s Nobuyoshi Araki. Something similar happened to the Leopold Museum with a drawing by Koloman Moser.

These measures rather squeak with Instagram’s content policy, which clearly excludes “nudity in photos of paintings and sculptures” from its anti-pornography campaign. However, after the Almodovar nipple controversy it became more than clear that there are still many flaws in that veto.

For this reason the Vienna Tourist Board has decided to take the nudes from its museums to OnlyFans and thus save itself from accusations, vetoes and account suspensions on its social networks. We already have a very lawful reason to download the social network: enjoy the art on your profile.

“Vienna has been home to some of the world’s most famous artists, whose works pushed the boundaries of what was considered acceptable in art and society at the time. Many of these revolutionary artists are well known for their determined depictions of the nude human body. For this they were censored 100 years ago. And the battle against censorship still continues. With the emergence of social media, bans like these are once again filling the headlines, and Vienna and its art institutions are among the victims of this wave of puritanism.”


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