Age of Empires is a mythical saga. Not only because of the popularity it has enjoyed within its own genre, but also because it has become an essential franchise within the video game industry. A phenomenon in the industry that has brought together all kinds of followers, from users with the latest generation of computers to players who, with more limited systems, continue to invest their hours in the strategy of Age of Empires. With its fourth installment already completed, Microsoft intends to raise the bar even higher, but recognizes that the franchise has a more diverse audience and, therefore, has presented a minimum requirements mode.

An idea raised in the Xbox blog where the characteristics of this proposal are specified. In short, Age of Empires 4 will have a mode that, using different configuration combinations, will adapt to all types of systems, no matter how obsolete they may be. Thus, the game will detect the PC’s components and load a configuration for the computer to run the title correctly. Which, as you can imagine, will not result in mind-blowing graphics, but they will be sharp enough for the player to enjoy the experience.

Some areas of the world have a lot of players in the Age of Empires franchise and tend to have systems with low requirements. This mode of minimum requirements arises precisely because of a need detected by Microsoft. In this sense, the company has seen that Age of Empires 1 and 2 continue to be on the rise among large groups of users, despite the fact that many players have older PCs: “Some regions are very active in the Age of Empires franchise and tend to have low system requirements for a variety of reasons.

Therefore, these users will not lose the ability to play the new Age of Empires 4, since, despite the limited graphics, they will be able to enjoy the experience. However, this mode prevents access to certain aspects of the title, such as 8-player battles. This is replaced by 4-player battles to allow access to the Age of Empires 4 experience.

After all, Microsoft does not want to leave anyone behind, although the development of Age of Empires 4 has been “a challenge”. In spite of everything, the company has managed to release a title that takes the educational essence of the franchise and, at the same time, presents a new challenge for the most assiduous players of the saga.


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