Roblox continues to grow its player base unstoppably. There are currently more than 3 billion accounts that are part of this creation platform, and it seems that this fever is not going to stop. Much less so when it makes room for mini-games that are based on productions that are on the cutting edge, such as The Squid Game. A success that has allowed it to enjoy figures like these: more than 3 million dollars earned daily on the iOS market in the United States alone.

For those who are new to all this: Roblox is basically a platform that allows players to create and design their own games and experiences. Just as we can find projects dedicated to The Squid Game, other popular titles hosted on this service are Grand Piece Online, Amongst Us or Ninja Legends, versions of other popular titles… but in Roblox style.

Thus, in addition to hosting an extensive catalog of games, it also allows creators to have their stores: this allows them to sell cosmetic items or redeemable codes. This offers the possibility for users to support their favorite game creators, while getting in return cosmetic items such as skins… or Gucci handbags that cost more expensive than those in the real world, thanks to the promotions Roblox organizes with other firms.

All this has brought us to today: when we heard the news that Roblox already had 3 billion accounts created, which translates into about 45 million active users every day. To give you an idea of the astronomical figure we are talking about, Steam had 1 billion registered players but 80 million users connected daily.


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