Google has just announced that from today you will be able to transfer all WhatsApp chats from an iPhone to a Google Pixel 6 without any problem. This feature will also be available on other phones with the latest version of the operating system for mobile devices of the big G.

It will not be the first time we’ve heard from a friend who has been a pain trying to switch to an Android phone not knowing how to transfer all your WhatsApp chat history. It may seem trivial but, for those users who do not want to complicate their lives with technicalities, it gets them to back out at the last moment.

In the past months we have known of this function even from WhatsApp itself and how Samsung’s own mobiles, such as its foldable ones, already have this feature, although just today opens the door so that more Android terminals can use it.

What we need to make the magic happen is:

  • A USB-C to lighting cable.
  • An iPhone with the latest version of WhatsApp installed.
  • A Pixel phone with the latest version of WhatsApp installed as well.

Now we will follow these steps to have all the WhatsApp chats history from an iPhone on our next radiant Android mobile:

  1. We switch the SIM card to the new Google Pixel and turn on both the devices.
  2. We connect the USB Type-C cable to lighting on the iPhone and to the Android mobile.
  3. We look for the QR code on the iPhone for the transfer that you will find in the WhatsApp settings > Chats > Move chats to Android.
  4. We take the new Google Pixel and enter WhatsApp > Chats > Move chats from iPhone to scan the QR code on the iPhone.
  5. WhatsApp on the Google Pixel will ask us for the same phone number used.
  6. We click on import when prompted and wait a few seconds
  7. All your WhatsApp chats and data should already be on your new Google Pixel.

Google itself mentions that it has worked closely with WhatsApp to ensure that in the migration process the data always remains protected.

Even when the migration process begins, messages received on the old phone will be paused so that the synchronization is perfect and no message is lost along the way.

So you can already move your chats from an iPhone to an Android mobile, in this case a Google Pixel, without any problem to start a new journey.



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