Alder Lake is now a reality. Intel has used its Innovation event to present the twelfth generation of its Core chips, starting with a family of six desktop processors. This is the first step in a family that will eventually include 60 processors adapted to the full range of computers in use, from the most powerful desktops to the lightest ultraportables.

The flagship of this release is the Core i9-12900K, considered “the best gaming chip in the world” with 16 cores and 24 threads (benchmarks of its performance were leaked a couple of months ago). Of those 16 cores, 8 are high performance and 8 are high efficiency. Intel claims they are 19% faster than the previous generation, and they already can be: their peak power consumption reaches 241W in Turbo mode.

At more specific performance levels, Intel promises a 32% increase in video editing tasks, a 36% increase in photo editing tasks, a 37% increase in 3D modeling, and a 100% increase in rendering performance.

This new generation also brings with it support for DDR5 memory and the PCIe 5.0 interface, in addition to being able to work with Wi-Fi 6E networks and Thunderbolt 4 connections. And of course, the chips are open to their owners being able to overclock them using the Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU) 7.5.

Intel Core 12th generation Intel Core 12 data sheet

Model (intel core gen12) i5-12600KF i5-12600K i7-12700KF i7-12700K i9-12900KF i9-12900K
High performance cores 6 6 8 8 8 8
High efficiency cores 4 4 4 4 8 8
Total cores 10 10 12 12 16 16
Threads 16 16 20 20 24 24
Base frequency high-efficiency cores 2,8 GHz 2,8 GHz 2,7 GHz 2,7 GHz 2,4 GHz 2,4 GHz
Base frequency high-preformance cores 3,7 GHz 3,7 GHz 3,6 GHz 3,6 GHz 3,2 GHz 3,2 GHz
Maximum frequency (turbo mode) 5,0 GHz 5,0 GHz 5,2 GHz 5,2 GHz
Integrated graphics UHD Graphics 770 UHD Graphics 770 UHD Graphics 770
Maximum ram memory 128 GB 128 GB 128 GB 128 GB 128 GB 128 GB
Power 125W 125W 125W 125W 125W 125W
Turbo mode power supply 150W 150W 190W 190W 241W 241W



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