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This Austin neighborhood to be built by 3D printing

TechnologyThis Austin neighborhood to be built by 3D printing

What you see in the image above is a typical neighborhood of American single-family houses, planned to be built in the Texan city of Austin. Its peculiarity is that technically it is not going to be built, but 3D printed. The works begin next year.

The printing process is not very different from the 3D printers we are used to seeing, but on a large scale. The images reveal printers with two large columns spanning the entire width of each of the 100 houses that will form the neighborhood, which will move thanks to two side rails and with the central part moving perpendicularly to draw the wall structure of the house.

The material they will use is a special cement mixture, which will adopt a laminated design very characteristic of 3D printing. A second phase of the work will require human and manual labor to install the roof, doors, windows and other installations. When completed, the neighborhood will be the largest 3D printed building in the world.

Bjarke Ingels Group has been in charge of the design of the houses, although there are still no concrete plans or details such as the number of rooms they will have. What is known is that each house will have only one floor, and that on the roofs there will be solar panels that will provide clean energy to the inhabitants. Those responsible for the project defend it as a “physically and aesthetically unique” neighborhood of houses.

The exact area of Austin where this neighborhood will be built has not yet been decided, but the price of each house is expected to be around half a million dollars. A quick glance at Zillow, a popular real estate portal, reveals that homes in that city are approaching that price and exceeding it in wealthier neighborhoods.


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