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TikTok now allows you to send tips to content creators

TechnologyTikTok now allows you to send tips to content creators

TikTok is adding an interesting new revenue method for content creators. Specifically, the app will allow users to send tips through the profile, while creators will get 100% of the revenue, since the platform developed by ByteDance does not ask for a commission.

Therefore, people who post videos on the app and meet a series of requirements, such as having more than 10,000 followers or not having violated any of the platform’s policies, will be able to request the tip button through the TikTok options. Subsequently, the social network will carry out a review process to check if the user is eligible.

Once admitted, the creator will be able to activate a new option in the profile that will allow users over the age of 18 to send tips. TikTok will display buttons for sending $5, $10 or $15. However, it is also possible to send a customized amount with a minimum of 1 dollar, according to the mentioned media. These tips can also be shared publicly or anonymously. It is also not necessary for the user to follow the account.

The tipping feature, confirmed by the company as “a new way to bring value to the community and enrich the TikTok experience,” is being tested on a limited number of users. It is unknown if the app will start asking for a commission when this feature expands to more people. However, it’s a great way for followers to support their favorite creators’ content, although it’s not the only one present on the short video social network.

In fact, TikTok has several options that allow people who post content on the platform to earn a small income from their videos. The most notable feature is the creators’ fund. In this case, it is the app itself, with an initial budget of $200 million, who pays the creator based on the number of video views. However, the app also allows users to send gifts redeemable for money to support the influencers. Internet users, for example, can send digital gifts during live broadcasts. The creators can then exchange them for real money.


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