You don’t have to have a lot of experience in the medium to know that specializing in paleontology-related content, for example, is not the same as specializing in fashion news. But, with so many categories available and with hundreds of thousands of new channels on YouTube, the statistics from a couple of years ago have taken a major turn on what people watch most on YouTube.

Recall that at the time, channels related to funny pet videos, celebrity gossip entertainment and parodies reigned supreme on the app. However, as of today, these are the themes that have worked the most on YouTube in 2021 (and are sure to stay at the top in 2022).

How-to videos and tutorials

If you don’t find something in Google’s search engine, you’re sure to find it within the range of YouTube videos. Within the safety parameters of the platform, of course, you can see how to do an infinite number of things. With so much leisure time that millions of people have had, this platform usually receives a lot of searches related to tutorials and step-by-step on how to solve, create, delete or do a specific thing. And we don’t say so, says YouTube itself, who revealed in this report that 77% of users used the app to learn something new, just in 2020.

Informative videos

Being news, videos can quickly go viral if what is published is reliable and comes out as soon as possible, and even more so in recent months. With covid, countries are in constant rule changes that condition lifestyle, which allows people to report through YouTube what is happening.

However, we are talking about content that can expire, that is, it is not timeless, or rather, after a few days or weeks it will be in the past because it is not useful for users.

Review and unboxing videos

In 2020 and 2021 the way of buying products changed. Surely on more than one occasion you looked for a review of a product or service before paying for it. You probably wanted to know if it was really reliable, what features it has and everything else. That is why thousands of reviews of all kinds are published every day. It is better to spend a couple of minutes watching a video showing the advantages and disadvantages of a particular thing than to regret buying it wrong in an online store.

Challenge, viral and sketch videos

This category is what has brought TikTok to life and yes, it has also kept YouTube adding views. Anyone who wants to have a good time while alone or with friends, just look for skits or try the challenges that appear in videos with millions of views. And of course, anyone who wants to know what the latest trend in the world is, just search for virals on YouTube to have a good time catching up. For these reasons, channels and content creators create part of their videos in this category.

Music videos

As published by Pex in a 2018 special report on the dominance of music on YouTube, this type of content has been trending upward in the subject of views and monetization. By 2018, music-related videos accounted for 5% of the total content on the platform. And today, despite the fact that YouTube has not issued a recent statistic, we know that the pandemic made this figure increase.

According to the company focused on this sector, music videos are the most profitable category for YouTube, because they generate more views on average per video. The gaming area, for example, presents longer clips, which means that the app needs more money to host them.


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