Last August, Microsoft announced that Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud), its service for accessing games via streaming, would be compatible with its desktop consoles starting at the end of the year. Through Game Pass Ultimate, users will be able to enjoy a wide catalog of titles on their Xbox X|S Series or Xbox One directly from the cloud, i.e., without the need to download them.

It was obvious that this would bring a wide range of benefits, such as extending the lifespan of the Xbox One. But the gain is not only in accessing games that would otherwise be incompatible with the device launched in late 2013, but also in the performance that can be squeezed out of them.

Some YouTube channels are publishing analyses in which they show that the Xbox One offers much better performance when running some video games from xCloud, than when running them through its own hardware. Logically, we are talking about a test limited to a handful of titles, and with a platform that is still under development. But despite this, the results are quite remarkable.

The improvement in performance can be seen in both the graphics and gameplay sections. The analysis focuses on Gears 5, Forza Horizon 4, Hellblade, The Medium, Psychonauts 2, and Battlefield V. In the different cases we see some common points that tip the balance in favor of xCloud; shorter loading times, or the possibility of playing at twice the frames per second than with local hardware (60 fps vs. 30 fps) are some of them.

In addition, Xbox Cloud Gaming allows you to play on the Xbox One with ray tracing; or use the dynamic resolution option included in certain games -The Medium, for example-, obtaining a result very similar to that achieved with an Xbox Series S.

It is clear that xCloud will not come to Xbox consoles without certain concessions. In principle, the streaming platform will limit the experience to a maximum resolution of 1080p at 60 frames per second. We could say that this is the price to pay to get the most correct balance between playability, latency and image quality.

Obviously, this will be more annoying for those who already have an Xbox X Series X|S, than for those who enter Xbox Cloud Gaming from an Xbox One almost 8 years old; but it is worth mentioning. The rest will depend on how good an internet connection they have at their disposal.


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