PowerPoint is adding a new dynamic that will give you extra help in recording the presentation. If you are one of those who freeze when you are about to express yourself or your mind goes blank forgetting what you have to say, you can take advantage of the new functions that PowerPoint deploys when recording the presentation.

Microsoft has taken into account different scenarios. For example, the user can opt for the teleprompter view, which allows them to read their notes while looking at the camera, without the need for another device or notebook to review the main points.

Another possibility is the presenter view, which will show you which slides are coming next as the presentation unfolds. That way, you can always be in control of the presentation, as you will have a preview of the rest of the content.

And a third option is the slide view for those who just want to concentrate on the presentation and do not need additional notes to rehearse it. Once the recording is ready, the user will be able to have a preview to review the presentation and make any adjustments they feel necessary.

So you can use this new dynamic to practice your presentations and make all the corrections you want until you feel you get your message across to the audience. You do not need to redo the entire recording, as you can simply make partial changes.

This new dynamic will be available for Office 365 users from 2022.


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