Codedamn is a small, relatively new platform for learning to program where you are primarily responsible for what you learn. On the site, users can recreate real-world projects online with Codedamn classrooms.

A single Codedamn class consists of 7-14 codelabs, each of which is a single step towards a complete project for what the user is learning. For example: “Learn how to code and deploy your blogging website with a database in 13 labs”.

In addition to the classrooms, Codedamn also has more traditional video-based learning systems. Combined, the classrooms and videos create part of the learning paths, and a complete roadmap includes the technologies needed to learn a skill set, such as Frontend Web Developer.

Codedamen offers a free lifetime plan that gives access to the basic interactive courses, plus 10 hours a month of hands-on practice, and community support. The paid plan costs $20 per month, $99 every six months, or $180 annually. The longer the commitment, the less you pay per month.

This unlocks all classrooms for unlimited duration and all video content as well, offers unlimited internship hours, interview prep with interactive quizzes, and over 50 practice projects and to add your portfolio.

Learning paths currently include Full Stack Developer with a time investment of over 8 months, and Python Mastery with a time investment of about 4 months. They will soon add a path for DevOps.

If you are interested and want to test if this is the platform for you, you can start now for free and see if it is worth the investment.


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