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First LPDDR5X RAM from Samsung foreshadows a future of cell phones with up to 64 GB

TechnologyFirst LPDDR5X RAM from Samsung foreshadows a future of cell phones with up to 64 GB

Samsung has announced the first LPDDR5X RAM, three years after they did the same with LPDDR5 RAM. These new memories designed for mobile devices will be faster, more efficient and expand their capacity up to 64 GB in a single module.

With an initial manufacturing process of 14 nanometers, Samsung announces the development of these new memories designed for “5G, artificial intelligence and the metaverse”. Three applications that usually require a large amount of memory and are on everyone’s lips. Interestingly, Samsung also takes the opportunity to talk about the metaverse, a concept that is rapidly entering the collective imagination of the technology industry.

LPDDR5X memory was defined in July 2021 by JEDEC (‘Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council’), according to the JESD209-5B standard. Now it is Samsung that has manufactured a memory that meets the required specifications according to this standard.

Samsung will start manufacturing a first 16 Gb LPDDR5X RAM in 14 nanometers. By comparison, Samsung already manufactures LPDDR5 memory at 10 nanometers. These memories are intended for mobile devices, but Samsung also hints that they could be implemented in servers and automobiles.

Among the advantages are higher speed, capacity and energy efficiency. Peak speed will reach 8.5 Gbps, up from the theoretical 6.4 Gbps of LPDDR5. In terms of energy savings, these new memories promise 20% lower power consumption.

Another striking point is the increase in maximum capacity. As described by Samsung, the 16 Gb LPDDR5X chip will allow memories of up to 64 GB in a single module, to “adapt to the growing demand for higher-capacity mobile DRAM worldwide”.

Although theoretically these new memories would allow cell phones with up to 64 GB, it seems unlikely that this will be the case in the near future. It is not ruled out that other products mentioned by Samsung, such as automobiles and servers, which also use this type of memory, will be among the first to incorporate this high capacity.


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