If we are content creators, streamers or simply want to share some of what we are doing on our computer with other people, the option to record the screen can be very useful to create videos, record our favorite games or create a video tutorial of an application.

If you need to learn how to record screen or know which tools are the best for these purposes, read on because below we will talk about the most popular applications or programs with which you will be able to record the screen of your Windows 10 computer.

In general terms a screen recorder is an application or a program that allows us to record what happens on our monitor. You will have used them in case of gameplays and they are common for Twitch, for example. In addition, these types of tools later allow us to export what we have recorded in video format. These types of applications are usually very useful for recording explanatory videos, video tutorials or simply to record ourselves while playing one of our favorite video games.

What is a screen recorder for?

To record our screen we will normally use an application dedicated to that purpose, but if for any reason we do not want to install any extra application on our computer we can do it in two other ways through webs that we will leave you below and that allow less tools but are a light alternative if you do not want to download anything.

Windows Game Bar

Windows 10 includes its game bar function that allows you to record what happens on our screen and save it in video format valid for later viewing in other players. The great advantage of this is that we do not need to install anything else on the computer if our intention is to record the screen as it can automatically be done by default from this free tool and included in the latest versions of the operating system. To start the game bar we must use the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + G. At that moment the application will open and we can configure the parameters that best suit the content we want to create.

In the bar we can see all kinds of tools such as buttons to control the audio through speakers or headphones, mixing buttons… Or even has widgets that allow us to control the performance of the computer with all the details at that time as the CPU used, GPU, RAM.

It is a very complete option and we can configure it by choosing the keyboard shortcuts we want. For example, we can choose which keys to press to open the bar, to take a screenshot, to record the last 30 seconds, to start or stop recording. All this from Windows and from the keyboard.

Programs for screen recording

There are a number of programs intended for this task. Some of them are specific programs and others are websites that allow us to record directly from any operating system or browser by adding it as an extension. If you are a streaming professional, most of these programs may be familiar to you, but some of them will be “little”. In any case, they are useful to make tutorials, to record very basic gameplays.

iTop Screen Recorder

This online screen recorder allows you to record your PC screen without installing any software. This program is one of the most recommended that we can find today, because it has many configuration options. This screen recorder is totally free and we will be able to use it on any computer, regardless of the operating system, because it is compatible with Chrome, Firefox and also Opera web browsers.

Another very interesting feature of iTop Screen Recorder is that it is not necessary to register or log in. All we have to do is click on “Start recording” and choose the recording mode. Finally, we can save the video file directly to our PC. It is a tool that allows us to record directly from the browser with audio and totally free so it is excellent in case you are looking for something specific. We do not recommend it if you intend to record the Windows 10 screen professionally or do it every day but it is a good option if you are looking for something specific that fulfills its purpose.

Icecream Screen recorder

The Icecream Screen Recorder application is a free program that allows us to record our screen at no cost and in a simple way. We just have to download it from its website and run it on the computer to record gameplays, tutorials or any other content you want.

Among its main features we find the ability to record all or part of our screen, record audio and allows us to add notes to enhance a part of our video, we can add a logo, has a small editing part that allows us to cut recordings, we can hide the mouse pointer, speed up or slow down the recording. Another very useful feature if we are dedicated to the realization of videotutorials is that we can add an animation to the mouse click.

OBS Studio

The popular OBS Studio application is well known for being massively used to broadcast streaming video on platforms such as YouTube or Twitch. It is a free and open source software that we can download at no cost. You can broadcast live with maximum control of scenes, sources and transitions or you can record the screen to edit it later.

OBS Studio is capable of screen recording as well as being used for live streaming. The most popular features such as the capture and mixing of high quality real-time sound and video, the filters for video sources or the audio mixer to equalize the sound are also available when recording screen. Essential among streamers and one of the best known and recommended if you are looking for something very professional and with all kinds of tools. It is one of the most complete of this list for gameplays.


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